Dead Snake in Road



The Side Eye


I was hiding under this tree (in photo) yesterday hoping my deer family would appear. So far I have seen a mommy deer (or two different ones, not sure), a teenager (some white spots on back and bigger than the fawn I’ve seen), and a baby (fawn, lots of white spots). As I was waiting I felt watched. I looked up and saw this little guy giving me the side eye.

Dodger’s Rich Hill


Los Angeles Dodger’s pitcher Rich Hill  (I don’t think Hill has a Twitter account!) took a 91 MPH ball to the neck/throat area last night. It was painful to watch. Although I admire his bravado in staying in the game, I would’ve ran to the hospital. Afterwards the cameras remained on him more closely than usual, and it was painful watching the area of impact redden and swell. I kept thinking how he could easily have an internal injury. Imagine how scary it would be if Hill developed a breathing problem later in the night. In the end, he will probably have a massive bruise on his neck.

Dodgers lost to the Padres.