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Dodger’s Rich Hill


Los Angeles Dodger’s pitcher Rich Hill  (I don’t think Hill has a Twitter account!) took a 91 MPH ball to the neck/throat area last night. It was painful to watch. Although I admire his bravado in staying in the game, I would’ve ran to the hospital. Afterwards the cameras remained on him more closely than usual, and it was painful watching the area of impact redden and swell. I kept thinking how he could easily have an internal injury. Imagine how scary it would be if Hill developed a breathing problem later in the night. In the end, he will probably have a massive bruise on his neck.

Dodgers lost to the Padres.

The Milkshake That Brought the Deer to the Yard

Today I discovered what brings the deer to the far back yard.  There is a mulberry tree.  I didn’t see it last  year.  Everything is more green and lush this year since we had a heavier winter than the winter before.   The lowest limb is not low enough for the deer, actually it’s quite high.  Plenty of berries fall on the ground, where I suspect the deer are getting them from.