Too Sexy for the World Series



Rich Hill


Surprisingly, I am talking about Rich Hill again. His composure after being hit in the throat two weeks ago prompted me to post about baseball. Now, I am compelled to mention him again because of tonight’s performance (August 23, 2017) against the Pittsburgh Pirates (61-66, 4th in National League Central ). I watch many teams and players, yet here we are again with Rich Hill.

Rich Hill (37 years old) pitched eight perfect innings. He threw nine no-hit innings. Then on his 99th pitch of the evening, and fourth pitch of the 10th inning, Pirate’s 2nd baseman Josh Harrison hit a ball deep into left field giving the Pirates a walk-off win.

The Dodgers (89-36, 1st in National League West) lost to the Pirates, 1-0.

What a time to watch baseball.

The Side Eye


I was hiding under this tree (in photo) yesterday hoping my deer family would appear. So far I have seen a mommy deer (or two different ones, not sure), a teenager (some white spots on back and bigger than the fawn I’ve seen), and a baby (fawn, lots of white spots). As I was waiting I felt watched. I looked up and saw this little guy giving me the side eye.