Flowers for the house by all means….

‘I’m charmed with the house,’ said Lucia. ‘And what exactly, how much I mean, for a period of two months—’

‘Fifteen guineas a week,’ said Miss Mapp without pause. ‘That would include the use of my piano. A sweet instrument by Blumenfelt.’

‘I will take it for August and September,’ said Lucia.

‘And I’m sure I hope you’ll be as pleased with it,’ said Miss Mapp, ‘as I’m sure I shall be with my tenant.’

A bright idea struck her, and she smiled more widely than ever.

‘That would not include, of course, the wages of my gardener, such a nice steady man,’ she said, ‘or garden-produce. Flowers for the house by all means, but not fruit or vegetables.’

-E.F. Benson’s novel, Mapp and Lucia.

I do try to save some flowers outside for the bees and butterflies. If you notice a lot of the leaves have been munched on by something. I don’t know what the yellow and white small flowers in the vase with the peony are. They have a light aroma.




And, I’m not sure what the orange flowers are either. They came off a bush like tree.



The roses smell spectacular.




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