Ducks Take a Walk in Rain

My two adoring ducks, who have returned from last spring, decided to hop out of the pond and take a spin around the yard while it was pouring down rain. I watched as the rain rolled off their backs. There has been so much duck drama around here lately. First, a stray male duck landed in the pond. Our drake (male) (who we named Ricky) wasn’t having any of it. He swam alongside that boy pecking at him until finally the solitary male bounced. No drake was going to get anywhere near his wife (the hen, Lucy). In addition, it wasn’t but the very next day that two more drakes were in the pond. At first, I thought it was Ricky and the stray drake again and wondered where Lucy was. Because, as I said, this has been the second year that Ricky and Lucky have spring’ed here. They summer [and winter and fall] somewhere else.


Actually, it was the on summer solstice last year that Lucy and Ricky left for their summer getaway. I wasn’t sure it was the same pair this spring until the two got out of the pond to come to my back door and I saw Ricky’s lame leg. His leg is not too bad; however, it’s bad enough to give him a bit of a limp. Once I gave the two drakes a closer look I realized neither of them were Ricky. Ricky’s beauty compensates for his lame leg, because his entire head and neck is gorgeous with luxurious color. The two drakes who tried to invade the pond were rather on the ugly side. Their color was not consistent and was a bit streaky with shades that were muddy and mottled. Whereas Ricky is iridescent.




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