Rectify, Season 4


HyperFocal: 0

It’s not the snail pace or whether Daniel actually murdered Hanna or not, it’s the unrealistic display of people really listening to others without over talking or interrupting each other that has my eyes rolling. That, and the thinking before they speak that all of them do so well. What universe do these people live in? Not that I’m against not interrupting and not thinking first, but I’ve never in my life experienced a group of people who were all such good listeners.  Where are these people? I need them in my life!  What I tend to see at work and in public are people revving for you to pause so they can jump in and speak.  Often the pause isn’t waited for. Then, if you employ any methods to make sure you are able to continue without interruption,  they get an attitude, as if you were rude to expect to be heard to the end of your sentence.  I guess it’s why I choose to write.

To recap: All the characters think before they speak, and they don’t interrupt while others are speaking. Lacks verisimilitude. Which doesn’t mean I will not finish the series until its finale in season four, however, it’s not binge-able.  I will watch an episode here and there and throw other stuff in-between to get through it.

Oh, and for the love of all things holy, can Tawny divorce Teddy already? I used to like her and dislike him, at this point (Season 4, episode 3), I hate both of them. Cringe worthy. Girl, go out there and get you a life worth living (and why didn’t she offer to go pick up that dying man’s plaque from his home?) Is it asking too much? I would’ve done it just to tell him, “Now what are you going to gripe about?”


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