Things Teens Can Do Together to Get To Know Each Other


A.K.A. also known in the past as dating. Now, there are ambiguous definitions of dating. Apparently, first you “like” someone’s twitter/Instagram posts, and then you “slide into the DMs.” Next, you may exchange phone numbers, not to talk, but to text. After that you may meet up to hang out (but not go on an actual date), after all of that and days and days and days and days go by, you may go on a date. Incidentally, it’s not uncommon for some to have had some type of sex before the actual date and that sexual act may/or may not lead to a date.

I know, it’s baffling.

Anyway, I have made a list of date (getting to know each other better) ideas. All my suggestions are designed to help the two get to know each other through teamwork and a share sense of accomplishment. I know, I am brilliant and know teens so well. 🙂

  • Take empty water bottles (and aluminum cans) back to redeem the deposit.
  • Rake leaves (mid-autumn)
  • Fertilize flowerbeds and potted plants
  • Sort and match clean socks.
  • Sort the linen closet.
  • Vacuum inside the car.
  • Vacuum the dryer vent throughout and under the lint filter.
  • Organize books on shelves by author and/or genre.
  • Cut out felt liners for special occasion dishes.
  • Gather up and check expiration dates on the over the counter medicines and ointments.
  • Pick up all the broken twigs in the yard (late winter/early spring)
  • Sort the junk drawer.
  • Grease bicycle parts and inflate tires.
  • Drop off items at Goodwill
  • Play catch with ball and glove
  • Volunteer together at a hospital/nursing home.


Of course quite a few of these suggestions will need adult direction.  And, they shouldn’t always do the task at one of their homes instead of the other.  Because if the relationship goes south, the one may try to roast the other.  So both need dirt on each other in order to guarantee there will be no exposure.  See, teens are embarrassed by everything, even little things that older adults would thing were that big of a deal.


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