Lead Foot City Limits


You can’t tell arrogant dumb fucks anything. In the past 18 months, I’ve written the city manager twice telling him that we need speed bumps or some other traffic calming device in place. For the first letter his response was, “blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, we don’t plan on doing twat about it….blah blah blah…” The second letter was obviously ignored, because there hasn’t been a response.

A little polis karakolu should be set up right between the two big oaks, then the police won’t have to waste time getting to the scene of the incident.

Here we are two accidents in almost the exact same spot in the last ten days. This is a neighborhood street. The posted speed limit is 25 MPH. There is a reason our neighborhood speed limit is 25 MPH. People have to come out of their driveways. The high school is less than 3/10 of a mile away. There are pedestrians everywhere! However, hardly anyone (except me) actually drive 25-29 MPH, and when I do I am tailed all the way and often given the finger when I slow down to turn into my driveway.


What’s wrong with me anyway? I should want to do a 45 MPH turn on an incline into my drive. Eventually, the trees or garage will force me to a halt.

These people are driving too fast and no one is doing a thing about it. The police drive too fast. The school buses drive too fast. The taxis drive too fast. Their cigarettes, coffee, alcohol, excessive shopping, social media updates, and gambling jones are far more important than a trifling speed limit.

What’s the problem with a few wrecks anyway since collisions are no one’s fault.


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