Azzaro Wanted

What is he wanted for? An explanation? It would be mean to say, “Don’t send a boy to do a man’s job,” because it is not the model’s fault. It’s that dumb plaster on his eyebrow. The model was probably hoping to make enough to pay his rent. But, what were they thinking? At least depict a wound or some stitches underneath that tape-up job.

“Experience the most WANTED men’s fragrance.” Ah, a play on words. Wanted as in a spy or bad boy and wanted as in the cologne is literally wanted by everyone. Balderdash!

As far as the scent, it smells like candy, a sweet smelling wanted man who was in a make-believe skirmish. Classic.

Let me show you what men could pull off the plaster on the eyebrow and not create tomfoolery in print.

James Darcy headshot_large




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