The Snow Shovel


We finally found the snow shovel lost in the heaviest snowstorm in February. The children were playing with it when the snow was around 12 inches. They used the shovel to make piles of snow for snowballs. The walkways and driveway was cleared so at the time I wasn’t thinking about the loss.


However, it snowed heavily again just a few days later and the shovel was needed. That is when we realized the shovel was missing. I sent the oldest boy to the furthest part of the backyard because there were deep snow prints that abruptly ended. Even he thought he might have left it there. We shuffled our feet through the snow hoping to stumble upon it, but it was no use, the snow was too deep. Two weeks later, as the snow began to melt more rapidly, I pulled into the driveway and the first thing I saw was something peeping out of the snow.

sam_2965But, the snow shovel wasn’t back in the very back as we expected. It was only yards from the back door.


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