Winter is Leaving Us

sam_3066It’s a common trope to romanticize the beauty of snow. People rush with cameras to take luscious photos of blankets of white snow. But there is an ugly side, the hideous mixture of street debris and trash left over by the plows in the piles and piles of dirty snow positioned around large parking lots.

At the height of winter snow, store parking lots such as Target and Walmart have heaps and heaps of snow piled up sometimes ten feet tall. On a recent road trip, my nephew lost a credit card out of his back pocket. He had just used it at a convenience store and came out to  witness the beautiful snow falling. His first reaction was to capture the breezy stuff floating through the air on video.


While doing so, his credit card must have fallen out of his pocket while he pulled his phone out to film. By the time he realized the loss, it had snowed 9 to 12 inches. Not only will he not see his credit card again, no one else will see it until the piles of snow melts away in late winter. Anything dropped in the parking lot is plowed along with the snow and buried in the heaps. As the heaps melt the heaviest pieces of debris continue to fall to the bottom. The last bit of melting snow reveals the remains similar to soot in an abandoned fireplace.



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