Jane Austen’s, Sense and Sensibility meets Midsomer Murders

One of my most favorite things to do while I am watching Midsomer Murders is to recognize actors/actresses who I have seen in other movies. Not just any other movies but movies that I consider to be among my favorites. Naturally, I could look up the cast and be done with it, but I like being surprised by recognizing the actor/actresses but not quite placing them from where until the episode is almost over. Out of the many movies I really like it seems that the cast of Sense and Sensibility (1995) has graced Midsomer Murders with more of their cast members than any one movie. Here are the actors/actresses from Sense and Sensibility and their Midsomer Murders appearances (no specific order).

1. Robert Hardy, Sense and Sensibility’s Sir John Middleton is Robert Cavendish in Midsomer Murders’, “Dead Man’s 11.”

2. Imelda Stanton, Sense and Sensibility’s Charlotte Palmer is Christine Cooper in Midsomer Murders’, “Dead Man’s 11.”

3. Oliver Ford Davies, Sense and Sensibility’s Doctor Harris is Otto Benham in Midsomer Murders’, “Hidden Depths.”

4. James Fleet, Sense and Sensibility’s John Dashwood is Ralph Plummer in Midsomer Murders’, “Sauce for the Goose.”

5. Gemma Jones, Sense and Sensibility’s Mrs. Dashwood is Maisie Gooch in Midsomer Murders’, “Ring Out Your Dead.”

6. Harriet Walter, Sense and Sensibility’s Fanny Ferrars Dashwood is Margaret Winstanley in Midsomer Murders’, “Orchis Fatalis.”

7. Elizabeth Spriggs, Sense and Sensibility’s Mrs. Jennings is Iris Rainbird in Midsomer Murders’, “The Killings at Badger’s Drift” and Ursula Gooding in Midsomer Murders’, “Dead Letters.”

Hugh Laurie can do those dreadful Stuart Little’s but have yet to grace Midsomer Murders. Nor has the big shots—Hugh Grant, Tom Wilkinson, Kate Winslet, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, and Greg Wise. One can only hope though.

I have noticed several people from the cast of another one of my favorite movies, but I have not looked into it yet to count how many. When I do so, I shall post that as well.


One thought on “Jane Austen’s, Sense and Sensibility meets Midsomer Murders

  1. The Ang Lee production of Sense and Sensibility is one of my favorite movies. I love looking for character actors I recognize from other films and shows in the things I’m watching. (I miss my BBC.)


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