Jane Austen’s Persuasion Meets Midsomer Murders

I previously stated that the cast of Sense and Sensibility (1995) has graced Midsomer Murders with more of their cast members than any other favorite movie of mine. I must retract that statement. The 1995 movie Persuasion beats Sense and Sensibility by four appearances, three if you count Elizabeth Spriggs twice, making their total a whopping eleven appearances on Midsomer Murders. This count includes most of the major players in Persuasion, the only two left to get with the program are Mr. Sexy himself, Captain Frederick Wentworth played by Ciaran Hinds and Sir Walter Elliot played by Corin Redgrave. I love Ciaran Hinds!

Come on Hinds and Redgrave, you two are not so elite that you cannot visit Midsomer. Give those agents a ring.

By the way, a new Persuasion (2007) is coming out this year. I cannot wait to see if the new Captain Wentworth will bring more or something different to the role than what Hinds contributed.

Here are the actors/actresses from Persuasion and their Midsomer Murders appearances:

1. Judy Cornwell, Persuasion’s Mrs. Musgrove plays May Cuttle in Midsomer Murders’, “Death in Disguise.”

2. Felicity Dean, Persuasion’s Mrs. Clay plays Frances Kirby in Midsomer Murders’, “Dance with the Dead.”

3. Robert Glenister, Persuasion’s Captain Harville plays John Field in Midsomer Murders’, “Dark Autumn.”

4. Victoria Hamilton, Persuasion’s Henrietta Musgrove plays Hilary Inkpen in Midsomer Murders’, “Garden of Death.”

5. Richard McCabe, Persuasion’s Captain Benwick plays Rev. Anthony Grant in Midsomer Murders’, “Four Funerals and a Wedding.”

6. Phoebe Nicholls, Persuasion’s Elizabeth Elliot plays Laura Smythe-Webster in Midsomer Murders’, “A Tale of Two Hamlets.”

7. Amanda Root, Persuasion’s Anne Elliot plays Ruth Scholey in Midsomer Murders’, “A Talent for Life.”

8. Sophie Thompson, Persuasion’s Mary Elliot Musgrove plays April Gooding in Midsomer Murders’, “Dead Letters.”

9. Samuel West, Persuasion’s Mr. Elliot plays Jeremy Thacker in Midsomer Murders’, “The Animal Within.”

10. Jane Wood, Persuasion’s Nurse Rook plays Cathy Gurdie in Midsomer Murders’, “Death of a Stranger.”

11. John Woodvine, Persuasion’s Admiral Croft plays Sir Harry Chatwyn in Midsomer Murders’, “The Electric Vendetta.”


3 thoughts on “Jane Austen’s Persuasion Meets Midsomer Murders

  1. Samuel West is good in everything I’ve ever seen him in.I must get on with “The Loved One” — was I cruel to the both of us to suggest reading it (the English Snob and American Miss Thanatogenous)? I’m feeling this, so please forgive Me if you are thinking the same about this book.


  2. You can bail out it you like. But I am sticking to it. I will update about it this weekend, I promise. Make a committment!!!!!!!! Read it!


  3. Persuasion was alright, I don’t know about the dashingness of the male, one thing I will say is that Anne’s dresses look homemade: the expensive cut of an Empire-Line frock is possibly to intimate ‘Relative’ poverty!


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