The Loved One, by Evelyn Waugh

A Warning

This is a purely fanciful tale, a little nightmare produced by the unaccustomed high living of a brief visit to Hollywood. Readers whose pleasure in fiction derives from identifying the characters and scenes with real people and real places will be disappointed. If in the vast variety of life in America there is anyone at all like any of the characters I have invented, I can only remind that person that we never met, and assure him or her that, had we done so, I would not have attempted to portray a living individual in a book where all the incidents are entirely imaginary.
As I have said, this is a nightmare and in parts, perhaps, somewhat gruesome. The squeamish should return their copies to the library or the bookstore unread. —Evelyn Waugh

Reading starts this week!

5 thoughts on “The Loved One, by Evelyn Waugh

  1. Thanatological:“the scientific study of death and the practices associated with it, including the study of the needs of the terminally ill and their families.”Thanatos:“(in Freudian theory) the death instinct. Often contrasted with Eros . ORIGIN from Greek thanatos ‘death.’”


  2. Thanks for the word. It will come in useful. Only yesterday I studied ‘chthonic.’ I have the book in hand and will dive in starting tomorrow evening after school.


  3. Mine’s not arrived yet!Chthonic is a really odd word, there is something prehistoric about it, like one of those dinosaurs that’ll make fossil-hunters scratch their heads.


  4. If your book takes a few days to arrive, so be it. I like reading chapters more than once anyway, and I will not start until tonight. I am not as quick on the uptake as you are you know, so I need a second reading, always.


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