"The Barchester Chronicles"


I’ve noticed you’re acquainted with Trollope’s work. Have you ever seen the BBC production of The Barchester Chronicles?

I was amazed with Donald Pleasance after seeing this series, as in my mind he was always the über-baddie or creepy role in films like Fantastic Voyage, You Only Live Twice, etc. Watching him as the Rev. Septimus Harding, playing his “air-cello” at times of distress, was just so affecting and charming. He was a revelation.

Nigel Hawthorne as Deacon Grantly, and Alan Rickman as the vile Obadiah Slope; both are brilliantly sneaky.



3 thoughts on “"The Barchester Chronicles"

  1. Have I seen it? I own the DVD!!!!! I watch it at least once a month. Talk about Virtue, the warden, Septimus Harding is full of it. How the Jupiter scandalizes his name instead of attacking the true culprit the church. And I absolutely fell in love with Nigel Hawthorne. I love how his character the Archdeacon is all worked up and flustered. LOL! When he confronts the twelve poor men about their law suits I about die every time. I use that line with my children, “do you think I suppose to make gentlemen out of you.” Or something like that. They thought they should get 100 pounds a year. I can’t think of name at the moment, the actress who plays Mary Bold, John Bold’s sister, the doctor who first complains about Warden Harding’s salary. When I first saw The Avengers I had thought Diana Griggs was the same actress, until I did the math, and looked them both up. I have since seen her, the character who plays Mary Bold, in Wives and Daughters, He Knew He Was Right (which has a hilarious subplot, about a clergy man who flirts but have no intentions of marrying, the clergyman is played by the actor who was the young Barty Crouch in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and the other day I saw him in a mini series, being some evil stalker or something), and Lorna Donne. </></>I wish I was familiar with Hawthorne’s work before he passed on. I think he did King Lear, or one of those Kings. I did see him in Victoria and Albert, he played the first Prime Minister that in power when Victoria took the throne.


  2. I meant to tell you how I came about owning the DVD. I was in the Navy Exchange and I saw a man on the cover of a DVD that I could swore was Alan Rickman. When I examined it closer I realized that it was a very young Alan Rickman. The DVD was only $6 so I bought it. Wow it was the best six dollars I have spent. Then I got it again when I bought the Tollope Collection, He Knew He Was Right, The Way We Live Now, and the Barchester Chronicles. The set was cheaper than one sold alone. I have since given away the older copy, but I have kept the newer one. </></>Don’t you love when the Warden goes to London and goes to the cigar house to have coffee….


  3. If you like Nigel Hawthorne, you must’ve heard of “the Madness of King George” which is great.And there is the most famous character he’s played: the series’ “Yes, Minister” and then “Yes Prime Minister” on BBCAs a Civil Service Mandarin killing off the hapless enthusiasms of his charge; a New MP in Parliament. His smoke-screen speeches and manoevers are totally flawless, the writing here is perfect: these farces have dogged English politics ever since — they are Perfect!http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0080306/


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