Terrorist — John Updike


Last week I read an extract from John Updike’s latest, “Terrorist”.

Its a duff book in many ways, a vehicle for a person to express sustained misanthropy, because the ‘protagonista’ is a resentful Muslim in the heart of America. I detect a certain amout of glee for this opportunity to vent.

I don’t know any of his other work, as it doesn’t really travel, but I’ve heard it said that the old man’s a classic WASP.

Based on the short excerpt that I read, its a collection of stereotypes, and very little effort has been put in to try to understand all the other motivations of this ‘viper in the nest’.

It surprises me most that Updike has written this Now . . . 5-6 years ago [at the time of 9/11] it would have been much more understandable for an American to present this sort of picture, but after half a decade, to only have come up with the same old crap suggests to me that there’s been a traumatic failure of intelligence — the rabbit in the headlights.

The other direction he could have gone . . . is to present two characters; one who lives an insular life, who can’t understand how another person lives and has no interest in how things affect others; and the other who’s been raised to see how every interaction results in a clear winner and clear loser in a global sense.

Updike’s had a neural-collapse in his metaphor department.


4 thoughts on “Terrorist — John Updike

  1. Yes Profacero, she’s just been in touch with me. . . .She moved/ing back to California, and a bunch of other things that she might tell us about. as soon as she can.


  2. Thanks for worrying about me professor. I am fine, I just had to put the computer on hold. Just plugged it in Sunday night.</></>Guy, I do not particularly care for Updike. I find his earlier works boring as hell and his most recent work stale. He does have loads and loads on the shelves at bookstores. Coincidently I think one or two has “rabbit” in the title. HAH! </></>Have you read Tristam’s piece on this?</></>http://www.pierretristam.com/Bobst/Archives/CN060606.htm


  3. No I hadn’t read that, but Tristram is a very good writer. I was glad to read him not forgetting to put a couple of passing digs in other posts.All I can say is that there are still a bunch of schmucks who will be lapping this sort of thing up, much the same as the disturbingly malevolent ‘Left Behind’ series.I like your description of Updike as a “Capitalist whore”. And his project really certainly smacks of this.We’ve missed you so much.


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