Objectification Hour

I shall make a commitment. On the 28th of every month, I will offer two, or three, or four scrumptious hotties. I get tired of the old cliché “hotties” that People magazine and the like tries to force upon us. I mean come on, Taylor Hicks? Whatever. The two I am offering up today were both born in 1975. Imagine that. That puts them right at 31 years old. The perfect age for my objectification. They are at the age that they want to be taken seriously, yet still young enough to be hunkified, before reaching the age of becoming good wine-like hot (i.e. Jon Stewart, Colin Firth, Al Gore, etc) I am willing to bet these two “tenderloins” love making is tense, serious, and most, of all methodically appeasing. HAH! The ones who have something to prove are always the ones that make the best story.

Our first young star is James D’Arcy. Born August 24 1975 and stands at 6 foot and 3 inches. Get a good look at him before he is exploited all over the place. I hear he is doing a movie, Tennessee, with Mariah Carey.

How about one more picture of D’Arcy? That sexy casual gets me every time!

Next is Hugh Dancy, born June 19, 1975. Reaching to 5’ 11”. I first fell in love with his sensitivity portrayed in the movie Daniel Deronda. He was also in Black Hawk Down , but I only gave that a walking in and out of the room viewing, so I really do not remember much. However, I would be interested in seeing him in Ella Enchanted (2004) and in King Arthur (2004). I heard he played a role in this year’s Sharon Stone Basic Instinct II. Apparently, that movie must have been a box office flop. I barely recall much hype. I think I read that people thought Stone was getting too old to be sexy. Whatever. Anyway, Dancy will be in a movie next year called Blood and Chocolate. In the meantime, we can objectify him here.

Feel free to send me a “hottie” that Hollywood has not used and abused yet.


3 thoughts on “Objectification Hour

  1. The middle picture reminds me of Henry Thomas (E.T.) He’s so young looking I feel like I’m sinning saying he’s hot. Oh well, he’s hot.Anyway, thank you very much. I missed my stop on my busride this morning reading and I’ve been wanting Mexican food for the last couple of days.


  2. Tall dark and handsome, eh? I’m trying not to be too jealous, but when just a few inches can make such a big difference to a person’s presence on the life around them — admiring, adoring him, it makes me want to wail ‘O fate, why?’. I would promise to be a just ruler of hearts, and I wouldn’t abuse the trust that people thrust upon me just because I happen to be tall and dark and handsome!I like this slow-burn principle in Moksha’s “Hero Developement Program” — very level-headed.Its funny how ‘brooding’ is only attractive in just a few cases, Brooding requires patience, and I guess that if you happen to look impressive in the first place, this habit can be allowed to appear without annoying your loved ones too much.


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