Miami Vice / 24 and Fascism


Miami Vice, was always a no-no, I have nothing to add to what you’ve said about the TV show (you poor woman, I can picture that 80’s dancefloor — dreadful!). I never ‘got’ it, myself — apart from that back then I was unsuccessful when I tried to convince my Mum of the utility of a pair of Ray-Bans and ‘highlights’ in my bouffy mullet: “Its what’s inside that counts,dear” . . . . not when you’re 12 its not!

On 24 . . .

I have to admit that I was initially caught up in the first series — I am male, after all — but it soon became apparent to me that there were many real problems here.

There is a Hummer, that’s just to start with…there are other things going on which are problematic: The rapid resort to Torture; The idea that everyone else is a suspect; The fusing of ‘Technology’ with ‘Hero’ is a classic fascist-fantasy tranche; And the very style of 24, where We, in a very real way, are viewing an example of how we are to Submit in real life, and are expected to praise an individual’s action as the epitome of expected behaviour in these so-called ‘dangerous times’.

That the programme comes from Rupert Murdoch’s Fox TV comes as no surprise — Look through the other end of the telescope and 24 becomes as sinister as a Leni Riefenstahl film.


One thought on “Miami Vice / 24 and Fascism

  1. Excellent!</></>I shall forever trust my instincts. The whole show’s opening made me sick, and thanks for you clueing me in, I see that it is indeed a bad show. </></>Great job with the comparisons.</></>btw, the dance floor was ghastly! lol!


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