Library Thing

Would you like to catalog the books you own? I found this site by reading another blog. Library Thing allows you to add up to two hundred books free. So far, I am at one hundred and sixteen. It is very easy. I recommend if you want the exact copy that you own cataloged try entering the ISBN number first. If that does not work then try the title and look at the year your book was copyrighted. If you like, you can view my shelf. There are two ways to view it, either by looking at a list (list format) or by seeing a visual (graphical shelf) that shows the book cover. It has become so addicting that I am actually organizing my books. And it has made me decide to get rid of a few as well. As I mentioned in my other blog I chucked a couple of Dr. Phil books (at least they were free, given to me by the military), even though now I regret not saving one so I could send it to my friend in England so he could get a feel of who sweet precious Dr. Phil is. LOL! Anyway, Stephanie, Chuck, Cynthia, or anyone else you may like this site if you do not know about it already. It is real easy to sign up, one just enters a username and a password and that it! I have not added any tags yet but I will when I am all done. Tags help put the books in particular categories and such. Also if you notice the Harry Potter books come up on the top, it is because without the tags the order is what books are shared the most by other members.


4 thoughts on “Library Thing

  1. Too cool! I’m so glad I have you alerted on this one now. I have been wondering how to better manage our ever-growing library. I can’t wait to get started on this. 😉 C.


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