Yankees and Red Sox brawl at Fenway after New York player gets hit by pitch

Both teams are asshole showboats.  I hope they fight every time they play. LOL!


Squirrel Reciprocity


Trust me when I say that I don’t care if you believe me or not. Probably you don’t. Although I don’t care that you will not believe me, I still feel the need to convince you. Note also, that I hate you for making me convince you of what I know to be true. If when I’m done, you don’t believe me, know that I shall dismiss you as a cynic and worthy of my disdain, because to me, your disbelief tells me that you are an insipid peasant.

My squirrels love me. When I call out, “Squirreleeta, Squirreleeta,” they come running.

Today, I found a walnut on my doorstep. Right in the corner of the door where there was no chance I could miss it when I opened the door.

Of course my present was covered in a patina of dirt. I see the squirrels burying nuts, going back and unburying them, and checking on the various hiding places all the time. I know this walnut is a present from one of the squirrels. He/she is giving back for all that I’ve given them, –fruit, bread, and crackers.

I will miss the squirrels when I am finally able to leave this God-forsaken hellhole.