The Milkshake That Brought the Deer to the Yard

Today I discovered what brings the deer to the far back yard.  There is a mulberry tree.  I didn’t see it last  year.  Everything is more green and lush this year since we had a heavier winter than the winter before.   The lowest limb is not low enough for the deer, actually it’s quite high.  Plenty of berries fall on the ground, where I suspect the deer are getting them from.



After the Celebration

One day I will own a zoom lens and then my vision will come to life!  I had really wanted to show the balloon in the tree clearly but without obviousness. We live close to the high school. The balloon is red, one of the school’s colors, so I know it came from graduation. We had fun during  the graduation ceremony watching the balloons that escaped from people fly overhead.



Flowers for the house by all means….

‘I’m charmed with the house,’ said Lucia. ‘And what exactly, how much I mean, for a period of two months—’

‘Fifteen guineas a week,’ said Miss Mapp without pause. ‘That would include the use of my piano. A sweet instrument by Blumenfelt.’

‘I will take it for August and September,’ said Lucia.

‘And I’m sure I hope you’ll be as pleased with it,’ said Miss Mapp, ‘as I’m sure I shall be with my tenant.’

A bright idea struck her, and she smiled more widely than ever.

‘That would not include, of course, the wages of my gardener, such a nice steady man,’ she said, ‘or garden-produce. Flowers for the house by all means, but not fruit or vegetables.’

-E.F. Benson’s novel, Mapp and Lucia.

I do try to save some flowers outside for the bees and butterflies. If you notice a lot of the leaves have been munched on by something. I don’t know what the yellow and white small flowers in the vase with the peony are. They have a light aroma.




And, I’m not sure what the orange flowers are either. They came off a bush like tree.



The roses smell spectacular.